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Item # J640T6, Model J - Electric Booster Heater

For Use In Commercial Kitchens And Restaurants To Supply 180°F Sanitizing Rinse Water

A Long Lasting Booster Heater

The Hubbell J Model is the longest lasting booster heater available because it utilizes a heavy duty ASME Section VIII designed, constructed and stamped all stainless steel tank which does not require an internal tank lining. Other manufacturers use a non ASME steel tank with an internal lining which is easily eroded in high temperature water and eventually leaves the bare steel tank exposed to the corrosive effects of water. Once this occurs it is only a short time before a steel tank will begin to rust, leak, and need replacement. Hubbell did not stop at improving just the tank design. For improved appearance and longevity the Hubbell booster comes standard with a brushed stainless steel outer jacket and base which is impervious to the corrosive effects of water and looks great in your kitchen. The Hubbell booster is also equipped as standard with the advanced functionality of an electronic temperature controller to provide accurate, reliable and energy efficient operation while simplifying service work. The Hubbell booster’s closed cell foam insulation also improves operating efficiency and reduces the cost of operation. When you specify and install a Hubbell booster heater, you will have confidence in knowing that the owner will be provided with a long lasting and trouble-free source for 180°F water.

Models are also available in 380, 415, 440 and 575 volt. Please consult us for exact KW selection in these voltages.

Specifications  · Features  · Standard Accessories  · Optional Accessories  · Plumbing Notes


Base Model



40.5 kW

Storage Capacity

6 gal



Amperage Draw

49 A

Recovery Rate at 20 °F Temperature Rise

829 gph

Recovery Rate at 30 °F Temperature Rise

553 gph

Recovery Rate at 40 °F Temperature Rise

415 gph

Recovery Rate at 60 °F Temperature Rise

276 gph

Recovery Rate at 70 °F Temperature Rise

237 gph

Recovery Rate at 80 °F Temperature Rise

207 gph

Recovery Rate at 110 °F Temperature Rise

151 gph

Recovery Rate at 140 °F Temperature Rise

118 gph


110 lb

Optional Accessories

24 Volt Heater Interlock Adapter
Alternate Legs

Alternative Voltages

Low Temperature Interlock

Protective Cover

Remote Alarm Adapter

Remote Control Panel

Shock Absorber

Slide Brackets

Tamper Resistant Package

Water Treatment System

Heavy Duty Construction
  • All stainless steel tank construction does not require aninternal lining
  • ASME Section VIII stamped construction provides forextended tank life
  • Exterior surfaces including the jacket, base and front coverare all brushed stainless steel for improved appearance andlongevity
Advanced Design
  • Advanced electronic temperature control with digital displayconfirms at a glance proper operation and temperaturesetting
  • Visual indication of exact set point temperature as well asfault conditions provides instant feedback
  • Electronic leak detection system notifies user in the event ofan internal water leak
  • Factory packaged resettable circuit breakers for internalover current protection save time and money compared toone shot fuses
  • A bronze body (not cast iron) pressure reducing valve isfactory supplied with each booster.
  • Designed for ease of service, no electrical componentneeds to be removed to replace any other part
  • Screw plug elements with O-ring gasket reduce leakageproblems associated with less reliable and more difficult toservice flange type heating elements.
  • Overall dimensions and connection locations are compatiblewith other popular brands to facilitate direct replacementwithout modification to the existing plumbing.
  • Environmentally friendly CFC/HCFC free closed cell foaminsulation minimizes tank heat loss for maximum operatingefficiency and reduced operating costs
  • Full ten (10) year (non pro-rated) tank warranty

Standard Accessories
  • T&P Relief Valve
  • Brass pressure reducing valve with built-in bypass
  • (4) NSF approved plastic legs
  • (1) Combination temperature and pressure gauge
  • (2) Dielectric Unions

Optional Accessories
  1. Slide Brackets: Available for the J6 modelonly, these brackets allow for mounting thebooster heater under a counter. See slidebracket diagram for details.
  2. Shock Absorber: Reduce the harmfulpressures resulting from quick closingdishwasher solenoid valves by installing ashock absorber between the booster and thedishwasher.
  3. Tamper Resistant Package: For prisonand other secure facilities a tamper resistantpackage is available with all hardware tamperresistant type. Includes standard plastic legsunless otherwise specified.
  4. Protective Cover: Keep your Hubbell boosterfree from dirt, debris, chemicals and excessivewater with this removable form fitted protectivecover. Velcro fasteners make it easily installedand simple to remove when service is required.Clear window allows visibility of Hubbell boosterdigital display.
  5. Alternate Legs: Please specify type: Nickelplated die cast, stainless steel, stainless steelwith flanged base for floor mounting.
  6. 24 Volt Heater Interlock Adapter: An optionalplug adapter that interlocks the heater via a24-Volt signal through the J1 connector on thecontrol board (standard on the J3).
  7. Water Treatment System: Provide superiormineral scale prevention and corrosion controlby feeding a special blend of scale controlcompounds into the hot water stream beforethe booster. The in-line system to include aclear cartridge housing to allow an operator toview the cartridge and determine when it needsreplacement without the need to open thesystem.
  8. Alternative Voltages: Hubbell booster heatersare available in alternate voltages including 380,415, 440 and 575 volt. Please contact factory forkW selection.
  9. Low Temperature Interlock: This deviceis built into the booster and monitors watertemperature and will trip an SPDT relay whenwater temperature drops below a set point(150 - 180°F) thereby preventing final rinse fromactivating.
  10. Remote Alarm Adapter: This device installsinto the Hubbell controller and provides remotealarm capability to indicate a reset fault condition.Common/N.O./N.C. rated 220 VDC, 250 VAC, 2amp max.
  11. Remote Control Panel: This device allowsyou to install the booster in one location andhave complete control of it (on/off, temperatureadjustment, reset and temperature indication)from another location (200 feet maximum).Remote control panel is 5" x 2" x 3" and NEMA 4rated.

Any and all optional accessories for a Hubbell booster heater must be called out in the written specifications.A model number in and of itself does not reflect any optional accessories selected.

Plumbing Notes
  1. Dielectric unions are recommended for installation in the inlet and outlet piping to prevent electrolysis.
  2. No check valve may be installed in the supply line to the booster.
  3. All shut off valves must be gate or ball valves - not globe valves.
  4. The brass pressure reducing valve with built-in bypass is adjustable from 25 to 75 psi.
  5. To minimize heat loss and maximize efficiency, hot water piping should be insulated.


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Booster Heater Dishwasher Sizing Chart
(PDF, 165KB)

Booster Sizing
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Install a Hubbell Booster Water Heater
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Master Specification
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Water Quality Requirements
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